• About Us

  • With the family owned service station as our headquarters, Furnish Towing & Recovery combines over 25 years of towing and over 30 years of automotive service experience. Located in Henryville, Indiana, only 20 minutes from downtown Louisville, Kentucky, Furnish Towing & Recovery began in 1982 with a firm commitment to give quality, top of the line service to all our customers.

    Today, Furnish Towing & Recovery has a reputation for excellence in several ways:

    • EQUIPMENT – Furnish Towing & Recovery has invested in one of the most versatile and sophisticated fleets of recovery units in the Metro Louisville area. Recovery units that are designed to recover and transport a wide variety of personal, commercial or industrial vehicles to or from anywhere in the Continental United States.
    • EXPERTISE – Furnish Towing & Recovery has all the expertise you need to recover and transport your disabled vehicles. You will never have to worry about your vehicle or its contents when you call us. Our staff of courteous professionals are ready, when you need our services,around the clock.
    • SAFETY – Furnish Towing & Recovery drivers and management attend seminars to get updated on the latest equipment, and trained in safety-conscious handling techniques. We handle all situations with care, confidence and competence. With over 25 years of experience, we assure an efficient and safe recovery.


    • Heavy-Duty Towing
      Fully hydraulic long-reaching underlift booms that make it possible to lift and tow buses, coaches and other hard-to-tow vehicles without causing further damage.
    • Heavy Recovery Work
      Our specialty. When a difficult recovery is needed, keep Furnish Towing & Recovery in mind. We have HAZMAT trained personnel to assist at accident scenes.
    • Special Towing
      Fully hydraulic flatbeds for damage-free transporting of cars, light trucks, construction equipment, builder sheds and any special vehicle that you want handled with care.
    • Light-Duty Towing
      Our recovery professionals are standing by 24 hours a day, everyday. When you or your family need assistance on the roadside, worksite or any place imaginable, we’ll be there. Call Furnish Towing & Recovery and help is on the way.
    • Skilled Technicians
      Our service technicians are available to get you back on the road. Most simple repairs can be made 24 hours a day. For the more complex repairs, requiring special attention, we will work with you to ensure a speedy recovery to get your vehicle moving.
    • Commitment to Excellence

    All important is the fact that we, at Furnish Towing & Recovery, firmly believe that you are the most important part of our business. We promise to provide you with the highest quality service, quick response and competitive price.

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